Talk with Becca
Becca: Sure thing. What's on your mind?

Me: There's a few things. And they've been adding up and stewing, and I've...really been afraid to bring them to you -because- of the Belinda thing.

Me: I was afraid you'd get defensive and blow me off.

Me: But as the venue stands, I am not happy, and am considering blowing off as soon as CE opens, because Maq's ST style is proven to be more compatible to my preferences.

Me: I have been talking to a few other people (yes, behind your back) mostly to get a gauge on if it's 'just me'. I don't think most of it is. But I will only present the issues I've experienced personally.

Me: 1. Railroading: Last week's tier scene, I was the only one who'd been in on the intro to the plot, so you making the assumption that a.) I'd told everyone, gotten them all up to date and we had then decided to go to the clinic...felt like you were making decisions on behalf of my character.

Becca: But I deliberately asked if you guys wanted to go there or do otherwise. I would have followed you guys anywhere, literally.

Me: The other people there had no clue what the plot was.

Me: Perhaps a re-intro to the plot with Darla--an update from her--might have been an appropriate use of the time. To get people on the same page. There's no way/reason Hadi would have told Cyrus about this one minor plot.

Becca: An unfortunate situation, agreed. Which is why I offered to just sit and info/research seek. It is sort of the downfall of trying to do tier scenes when people come and go. But I'm not sure there is too much to be done about that :/

Me: The...groupings of these scenes are woefully arbitrary.

Me: And also cause part of the timezone distress. People build cells with others in their timezone.

Becca: I do cell scenes for that purpose. But it's like Order and Path scenes...say in Mage. Or covenant scenes.

Becca: You can't do too much about that, sadly.

Me: *shrug* It's not a thing that is working, from what I see. That's what I've got.

Becca: But you do recall I asked what you guys wanted to do, right? And I did offer to stay and help plan. You guys really wanted to put it off for another day though. I'm not sure how I could be any more open to following players lead.

Becca: But every chat does that. Maq does that. I'm not sure that's a conflict of styles in the case of conspiracy scenes. That's just...the nature of the beast, know what I mean?

Me: What do AKD/Cheiron/Net0/AO have in common that you're placing them all together? Path/Order, there's explicitly common ground.

Me: I have no reason to tell James Murphy about random thing X.

Becca: Well I organized the scene the best I could to be for all groups. AKD is not part of that though. But there is science, an intelligence corporation, and also metaphysical acceleration for the groups that sort of fit that stuff. I'm not forcing anyone to tell anyone about anything though. I'm just trying to do my best. What with cell plots being more personal. Personal plots being more personal. And then tier plots being more open.

Me: I recognize you're trying to do your best.

Me: That's not a question.

Me: The IAs/threadwork/Info Requests thing is also...something I am finding a problem. There's a sense of inaccessibility. If someone can't nail you down on chat, they can't get any information to further any of the plots they're involved in.

Becca: That is true. It's an experiment. An attempt to try something new to alleviate the paper work side of things that so many of us don't enjoy as much as being in scenes. It is by no means a perfect system. But we really wanted to try something that helped be more manageable.

Me: It's a lot rougher when you can't just say 'hey, I'd ask NPC X about Y' or 'I'd research Z'. You've limited working time to when you're available. And I understand that's probably so you don't have to do hours of threadwork, but.

Me: I don't think it is working. I know I am not the only one who does not think it is working.

Me: Because when it's literally roll-and-get-info, that's not being in a scene.

Becca: Some people have told me they love it. Others they hate it. We're definitely going to use this as a building block to see what we'll do in the future. I'm not sure what that will be yet. Well not all of it is meant to be in a 'scene' remember. Sometimes it is an info dump. It's just instead of a player posting 'the idea' then the st telling them what to 'roll' and then the player posting the 'roll' and finally followed by an 'answer' you sometimes look at 4 weeks of back and forth. Last game, we did threads weekly. So that was often a month before one small thread thing was managed.

Me: Weekly thread responses is my preference over trying to nail you down on chat. But I recognize others feel differently.

Becca: *nods* It's not a system for everyone, that I totally understand. What it boils down to is an opinion really. In my mind, a chat is healthiest if those running it are enjoying themselves and putting their efforts in the places that fit their style so they can do that. There are people out there that love thread work, blue booking, etc. Ravenna and I are not those people. And my last chat, it was often the thing all of our 6 STs didn't enjoy the most. So I sat down with a few people to discuss an alternative. Our attempt was to keep a quality game, full of scenes and things happening ic to the best of our ability on a minimal staff (because we all know keeping and having quality STs is the biggest struggle) and this is what we came up with. It's not ideal or perfect, but it accomplishes 'something'. Not the perfect something, but a 'something'. It's an attempt to change up the mentality and mind set of how a chat is played. More similar to a LARP in a way, in which between scenes you're abilities to do things are severely limited.

Becca: *your

Me: That might be the point of rupture, then. I love threadwork and bluebooking, in general. I like dealing with things with threads, rather than hunting down an ST in realtime. Though I acknowledge being playerside, not ST. Knowing your goal helps me put it into perspective: this might not be the optimal site for me. YKINMK(ATO), right?

Becca: I...don't know what that YK something something stands for. XD

Me: Your kink is not my kink (and that's okay).

Becca: But yeah. We always like to try new things. We don't always stick with them. I've run a few surveys after last game which helped us sculpt this game. We're testing that out, then i'll probably collect more surveys to see how things go. I have no idea if we'd continue using them or not. Or if a hybrid between the two is a way to go. Charts that tell you what to roll, so there is 1 clear action for the week and rolls. And all you need is 1 response. Instead of back and forth 4 times.

Becca: But there are so many play styles out there, that there could be nothing more true than some things are for some, and not others. So I totally understnad.

Me: So. I'm here now. Will be here tonight. Still suggest, like, a pow-wow with Darla for tonight's scene.

Me: But I don't know that I'll stick around when an alternative more to my tastes opens up.

Becca: For me, a point of contention in threads, is how far ahead some players will get by never logging in to play, and doing everything in threads. And in a chat that lets you do as many thread actions as you want, they often have all the keys to all the plot.

Becca: Sure, well, i'll definitely follow the plot wherever you guys want to take it. If something like this happens again, you can always go, "Actually can we not do that, we're not ready" or whatever. I definitely want scenes to be fun and not stressful.

Becca: And if you don't stay, hey, FR is great. Maq is a great ST! I will be playing under her too, just like she plays here. :)

Me: I know. ;)

Becca: Was there anything else? Also, feel free to tell anyone else to come to me. If the majority of the chat thinks something isn't working, that's good to know.

Becca: But I can't improve upon things I don't know about, so I would like to hear for sure.

Me: I mean. I've heard other people mention other concerns. I can be more vocal in the 'talk to her directly' thing, if you want.

Becca: I would love that. I have it posted all over the site, that communication is my preference. Normally i'm pretty decent at it too. Belinda thing was just one of those days. XD

Date with Reynard
rock armor
The instructions were to show up at an alley behind a certain Mexican restaurant in the heart of downtown and to knock three times on the door with an anchor drawn in white chalk on it (without smudging the chalk). The door opened not to one of Medea's winter cottages, her temporary homes, but to her personal Hollow. It was dark, the halls lit by oil lanterns hanging on the walls, but the wonderful.

And the hallways rocked. Medea's personal Hollow was a large ship docked in a port in the Hedge bordering the city--the Red Queen. The door had opened under-deck, not far from the galley where Medea was finishing the last touches on her meal.

She looked a little like a fifties housewife, an apron on over her lapis blue cocktail dress, hair curled and pinned. Her fae mien was fully visible, eyes glowing red and the bloodstains on her arms dark and rusty. She was pouring extra sauce over a warm dish of Italian meatballs straight out of the oven, when he walked in.

Winter Ball 2014/2015
New Year's Eve found the Winter Queen and the vast majority of her Freehold in the ballroom of one of the fanciest hotels in town. It had been rented and decorated in Medea's colors, soft whites and greys, navy blue, silver and black.

Invitations had been sent out to friends of the Freehold, but there was a policy, set forth by a Winter Monarch decades ago, that any who came upon the Winter Ball was welcome. A spell set up in the entryway changed plain clothes into outfits befitting the Ball, for those who didn't know what they were getting into. Some of the changelings wore masks, some didn't. Many chose to represent their court in befitting colors.

Medea herself was conspicuously not in Winter blacks and whites. Her dress was long and spoke to the sea and victims of its wrath, the red beading sparkling in the light. Despite the festive atmosphere, her attention flickers about the room occasionally, with greater hypervigilance than most years' balls.

Food is set up at tables along one wall, mostly finger foods, and an abundance of alcohol, with extra champagne glasses set out before midnight. The music is played by a live band, the singer a changeling with a golden voice.

(Threadhopping is welcome, and I'll be tossing my characters in a few at a time. If there's a character you particularly want to see (or want to know what they're wearing), PM me at this account.)
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Thanksgiving 2013
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While she'd said the meal would take place at one of her cottages, the building seemed to be anything but. Guests were directed to an office building, up to Suite 613. The door was locked when they arrived, but a sign taped to it read "Knock exactly three times" in Medea's neat handwriting.

After all, doors can be such tricky things, and this one was keyed to lead to a secondary Hollow of hers if someone did, in fact, knock three times on it. It unlocked with an audible click after the third knock, and when opened...well, inside wasn't exactly an office. It seemed more like the guest had stepped into a large, fancy tent of purple canvas, as one might find at a fairground.

There was a table in the middle of it, large enough to seat twenty or so, laden with traditional Thanksgiving dishes--turkey, stuffing, potatoes--as well as some that seemed out of place. A blue root vegetable, sliced and sauteed with onions. A dark leafy green with orange veins, drizzled with a creamy dressing. Drinks were on a table to the side, ranging from sodas to a pale blue wine that chimed softly in its bottle.

And Medea herself was finishing up the last touches to the decoration, setting pale blue glowing orbs in strategic locations to light the tent. She wore a pink dress and pearls, her fae mien completely visible, from red eyes to the bloody black-clawed hands.

"Sit, sit. I'm almost ready."

(As most of my large party posts, this is open to anyone who wants to jump in. Feel free to tag one another instead of just me.)


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