Date with Reynard
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The instructions were to show up at an alley behind a certain Mexican restaurant in the heart of downtown and to knock three times on the door with an anchor drawn in white chalk on it (without smudging the chalk). The door opened not to one of Medea's winter cottages, her temporary homes, but to her personal Hollow. It was dark, the halls lit by oil lanterns hanging on the walls, but the wonderful.

And the hallways rocked. Medea's personal Hollow was a large ship docked in a port in the Hedge bordering the city--the Red Queen. The door had opened under-deck, not far from the galley where Medea was finishing the last touches on her meal.

She looked a little like a fifties housewife, an apron on over her lapis blue cocktail dress, hair curled and pinned. Her fae mien was fully visible, eyes glowing red and the bloodstains on her arms dark and rusty. She was pouring extra sauce over a warm dish of Italian meatballs straight out of the oven, when he walked in.

Winter Ball 2014/2015
New Year's Eve found the Winter Queen and the vast majority of her Freehold in the ballroom of one of the fanciest hotels in town. It had been rented and decorated in Medea's colors, soft whites and greys, navy blue, silver and black.

Invitations had been sent out to friends of the Freehold, but there was a policy, set forth by a Winter Monarch decades ago, that any who came upon the Winter Ball was welcome. A spell set up in the entryway changed plain clothes into outfits befitting the Ball, for those who didn't know what they were getting into. Some of the changelings wore masks, some didn't. Many chose to represent their court in befitting colors.

Medea herself was conspicuously not in Winter blacks and whites. Her dress was long and spoke to the sea and victims of its wrath, the red beading sparkling in the light. Despite the festive atmosphere, her attention flickers about the room occasionally, with greater hypervigilance than most years' balls.

Food is set up at tables along one wall, mostly finger foods, and an abundance of alcohol, with extra champagne glasses set out before midnight. The music is played by a live band, the singer a changeling with a golden voice.

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Thanksgiving 2013
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While she'd said the meal would take place at one of her cottages, the building seemed to be anything but. Guests were directed to an office building, up to Suite 613. The door was locked when they arrived, but a sign taped to it read "Knock exactly three times" in Medea's neat handwriting.

After all, doors can be such tricky things, and this one was keyed to lead to a secondary Hollow of hers if someone did, in fact, knock three times on it. It unlocked with an audible click after the third knock, and when opened...well, inside wasn't exactly an office. It seemed more like the guest had stepped into a large, fancy tent of purple canvas, as one might find at a fairground.

There was a table in the middle of it, large enough to seat twenty or so, laden with traditional Thanksgiving dishes--turkey, stuffing, potatoes--as well as some that seemed out of place. A blue root vegetable, sliced and sauteed with onions. A dark leafy green with orange veins, drizzled with a creamy dressing. Drinks were on a table to the side, ranging from sodas to a pale blue wine that chimed softly in its bottle.

And Medea herself was finishing up the last touches to the decoration, setting pale blue glowing orbs in strategic locations to light the tent. She wore a pink dress and pearls, her fae mien completely visible, from red eyes to the bloody black-clawed hands.

"Sit, sit. I'm almost ready."

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