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lucreceknife's Journal

Medea Lucrece (OC)
21 December
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Medea is a changeling. Specifically, she's a Darkling Leechfinger/Chirugeon and the Winter Regent of the Journeysend Freehold of Haven, California. What that means in practice is nothing, to most people. Changelings tend to accord her some respect due her rank, but most people know her as the little redheaded chick who runs the Chow Haul lunch truck, serving exceptional authentic Sicilian cuisine.

Her Mask is blue-eyed and seems perfectly human. Her fae Mien, visible to those with supernatural sight, is red-eyed, and her hands are clawed and stained with blood that never washes off.

(oc for RP, muse and mun over 18. Damn you, Robin.)